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For the last five years, this has undoubtedly been Acumen’s largest contract that we couldn’t talk about, but now Etihad Airways have revealed an entire overhaul of its on-board accommodation, poised to rival the world’s most luxurious private jets – completely re-imagining and redefining air travel.

“Etihad Airways has just unveiled the latest upgrades aboard it’s A380 and B787 and it blows the competition away – far away”


We have worked together to help Etihad create the most highly customised and revolutionary layouts in aviation history. From expansive private living quarters, to full length wardrobes, mini-bars and double beds – introducing un-paralleled space, comfort and design innovation.

“A product so outlandishly luxurious that the world’s jetsetters are left with no question as to who’s leading the in-flight glitz game”




An exclusive 125 square foot, three-room cabin located on the upper deck at the front of the A380, complete with a private bathroom, living room and bedroom with full length wardrobe. The world’s first VIP offer on a commercial aircraft.




The Apartments

At 39 square feet, the Apartments are the largest first class spaces in the sky, set within the world’s first ever single aisle cabin layout. Exclusive to the A380, each suite has a separate seat and bed (some doubles), personal vanity unit and the highest privacy doors in their class. This highly original  layout is patent pending.



B787 First Class Suites

These suites boast huge living space around the passenger thanks to an innovative curved-aisle configuration. Private suites (some doubles) have powered ottomans, wardrobes and mini-bars.




With living space to rival most first class seats, business studio offers beds of over 80”, privacy dividers and aisle access for all.



Economy Smart Seat

Far from a last resort, new fixed-wing headrests offer maximum privacy, space and comfort.