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In the last twenty years, the premium interiors industry has bloomed. The choice and variety of luxury interiors is comprehensive, you can choose to travel in a no frills flat-bed, or a luxury first class suite, all the way up to a private three room residence with a butler on-board. In stark contrast, the experience for the vast majority of economy passengers is still at-best a compromise.

As one of the world’s leading agencies in the design of ground-breaking interiors, Acumen will be sharing some insights into the challenges involved in the design of economy products and lifting the lid on some of their concept work in this area.


Delivered by Acumen Associate Anthony Harcup, the lecture is likely to provoke intense debate with an audience consisting of industry executives from multiple sectors including airlines, airframe manufacturers, Interiors and seating manufacturers, IFE suppliers, catering, cabin systems, and design.

Anthony will be speaking this year at the ‘IQPC innovative seating conference‘ in Seattle on the 28th June, and again at the ‘IQPC passenger experience conference‘ in Berlin on the 30th August.

If anyone is interested in receiving more information contact Ms. Silva Certan-Mallamann at

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