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Acumen Design Associates design work has been recognised by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, after it was successfully awarded a Good Design Award for each of the three products it entered.  The products have the right to display the official ‘G-Mark’ logo and will feature in the Good Design year book.

The Good Design Award has been operated by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion since 1957 and is one of the most prestigious official celebrations of innovative design in Japan.  Award entries are received from hundreds of companies, designers and manufacturers from all over the world and compete in a rigorous selection process that judges products on design quality, functionality and excellence.

The geko® and firefly® devices, powered by Sky Medical Technology’s neuromuscular electrostimulation technology platform, OnPulse®, won in two categories – Medical equipment with the geko® device, and Sport equipment with the firefly® device – and were entered by Acumen Design Associates in conjunction with manufacturer Firstkind Ltd.


Ora, the all-round kitchen towel, which was entered by Acumen Design Associates in conjunction with manufacturer Better All Round, was successfully awarded the ‘G-Mark’ logo in the Home sanitary category.

Ian Dryburgh, CEO and Founder of Acumen Design Associates, comments, “Recognition by such a prestigious awards body for three separate products affirms that Acumen Design Associates’ approaches design in the right way.  Great design puts people first and goes beyond simple ergonomics.  For us it is about creating products that look and feel right, particularly if they are to be used every day.”

“Our philosophy has always been to take an empirical approach to any design, from kitchen towels to airline seats, to create ground-breaking products that enrich society through elegance and functionality.” PRESS_DVT_1GDA

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