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With the global rise of wearable technology   The Metro‘s James Day stopped by Acumen Design Associates with the challenge of designing a custom piece of wearable tech for the Metro’s readers. Acumen is no stranger to the wearable-tec market having already designed the FireFly™ Recovery Device  which is used by athletes at all levels including professional premier club players and elite GB athletes for accelerated sports recovery and improved performance.

Our brief was to design a smart device that would help the typical Metro reader through the tricky London commuter gauntlet. It became obvious that to design for a modern urbanite  armed with the latest smartphone finding a niche smart device would be tricky. By identifying four different user profiles we were able to channel the brief to a more customer-centric design.


Our solution… (Nudge)™


(Nudge)™  Is designed to subliminally inform the user of multiple alerts depending on which feature of the smart app they’ve enabled. It can ‘nudge’ you to keep your pace up on your run or simply tell you which direction to turn on your bike ride all without the need to check your phone or use your hands. Other potential applications include directions for the visually impaired or to inform a parent of their child wondering off (and in which direction). The concept is all about being discrete, by keeping the device worn beneath clothing avoiding the pitfalls of fashion hurdles Google Glass has struggled to tackle.

Key Features:

  • 16 Micro vibration motor configured radially within device.
  • Bluetooth connectivity to pair with smartphone app
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Moisture sensor


A copy of the Metro article can be viewed HERE



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