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Optima is a brand new premium seating innovation created by Acumen and manufactured by Zodiac Seats UK. Designed to strike a perfect balance between passenger experience and commercial effectiveness, Optima is now on offer to Airlines around the world.

Optima’s name was inspired by its very nature. It’s clever design of seats, living spaces, and build methodology throughout the cabin optimises every aspect of what a premium seat should deliver.

This highly original, patented cabin configuration combines in-line seats with angled seats to create aisle access for all without compromising comfort or cabin density.

Whilst all the suites offer inherently private and individual spaces, the centre doubles can be configured to provide shared experiences. With First Class bed lengths and maximised bed widths, the sleep experience is second to none.

With generous personal space, side furniture and large table surface, Optima is also a highly functional working environment.

It is also airline-customisable, and it works across all aircraft types maintaining market-leading space efficiency.