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Seen as an all-round British success story, the Firefly and Geko devices have been developed and brought to market by Acumen and Firstkind following a three year programme. The device is adhered to the back of the leg and provides electrical stimulation to the perineal nerve which triggers the body’s built in mechanisms to increase blood circulation which can help in a range of conditions, from DVT prevention to athletic performance enhancement.

Since its UK launch, the device attracted significant attention not only from  industry press, but also national press. It  has also achieved outstanding performance reviews and has won two international medical industry awards – the ICI Award and the Bionow Award. Following successful trials, Pro-Trialthletes Nick Baldwin, Emma-Kate Lidbury, and Vicky Holland have become ambassadors for the ‘firefly’ device. See the full case study here.


Acumen Designed Firefly DVT Device

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