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The world’s first ever round paper towel! This globally patented product is set to disrupt the paper towel category.
Tesco have exclusive UK rights to the distribution of the product, which has been on sale in some 100 stores in 2013 and will shortly be in 500 stores, before rolling out further across the country. Each round sheet is individually folded and stacked in a conical form onto a waterproof base, eliminating the need for an inner cardboard tube. This saves on packaging as well as reducing the overall product size– making for a leaner, greener product. Judging by consumer and media reviews so far, Ora has been very well received by the public. See the full case study here.


Acumen designed the unique fold and stack mechanism and worked with PA Consulting on the product specification and manufacture of this all-British product. The construction of a brand new machine was necessary to turn the innovative design concept into the shelf-ready product. Acumen are also co-founders of Better All Round, the company bringing Ora to market.


CEO of BAR, Oday Abbosh, explains above how the product went from concept to supermarket shelf in less than 12 months.

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