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Ali Ersan



Design-lead and co-inventor of Acumen’s ‘Viva’ high density business class seat, design-lead and project manager for the ‘firefly’ muscle recovery device, and named inventor on several patents. Ali graduated in Product design from The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2001 after which he joined the Melbourne consultancy Ideation as a product designer responsible for creating a diverse range of consumer product solutions working in liaison with many Asian manufacturers.

In 2005 Ali joined the Acumen team and quickly rose to Associate status taking responsibility for both consumer product and aerospace briefs for a variety of blue chip clients. Ali has consistently demonstrated a remarkable depth of understanding in terms of anticipating consumer trends with a proven track record of delivering patentable outcomes in both the product and transport design sectors.

Ali has taken responsibility for managing many of Acumen’s more speculative and revolutionary innovation programmes which have won industry acclaim and international awards .With extensive materials and production knowledge Ali often represents a clients interests through all stages of production delivery. Over the last six years he has also taken an increasingly lead role in Acumen’s ‘Blue Sky’ aerospace programmes working with Recaro ,American Airlines ,Thai Airlines and the Zodiac group to deliver industry changing solutions.

A thorough knowledge of certification and technical issues in the aerospace industry mixed with a strategic mind and a gift for conceiving highly original cabin concepts both in terms of configuration and content has proven an invaluable asset to Acumen’s offer.